The Fitchburg Longsjo Classic – gone for 2011; will it be back?

A sad time in Massachusetts cycling indeed. The famed Fitchburg Longsjo Classic, already reduced from a four day stage race to a single day event had to be canceled.

There was  a major fire at a building on the course, and streets are still closed while construction crews work on the building. No alternative course could be worked out in time.

It’s a sad time for the race, which had been running for 52 years and was inspired by an incredible cyclist (and Olympic speed skater) from the area, Art Longsjo, who died tragically in a car crash at the age of 26.

It’s also a sad time for the city of Fitchburg. The race attracted thousands of spectators to the city each year, and the race is a unique event steeped in history.

The organizers hope to bring it back next year, but the odds may be long on that. Most races that suffer this kind of setback don’t come back.

Let’s hope they beat the odds.

More details can be found in this local newspaper article.

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