The end of Climb To The Clouds?

One of my favorite rides is Climb To The Clouds. Its route is featured in Road Biking Massachusetts as the “Mount Wachusett Classic” and I have ridden it several times as a final preparation for the Pan Mass Challenge, since this tough 100-mile ride with a mountain summit runs in July, typically just 3-4 weeks before the PMC.

I wasn’t able to ride it this year due to a scheduling conflict, so I can’t comment on the specifics, but it seems the event has maybe grown too large for its own good.

Many of the details of what went wrong with this year’s ride are posted in this summary on the CRW web site:

The bottom line is that they are considering some drastic measures, as outlined in this excerpt:


* Option one is to taker a year off and completely assess the entire event.
* Option two is to run only the Bolton portion of the ride.
* Option 3 is to completely redesign the route.
* Option 4 is to stop the event altogether.

It was a good run for 17 years but it has now out run itself.

I hope this all gets worked out as it is a great ride and is a true classic of Massachusetts cycling.

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