The New England Velodrome Becomes The Northeast Velodrome

Back in March, there were some sudden changes made at the New England Velodrome, which many simply described as a hostile takeover of sorts. The message sent out by Tony Eberhardt was posted in many places and generated a lot of curiosity. Subsequently, Cyclocross Magazine did a two part story which interviewed the parties involved. Here’s Part 1 – the interview with the folks from the Cycle Loft. Here’s Part 2 – the interview with Tony.

So, now the track appears to be up and running under a new name – The Northeast Velodrome.

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New England Velodrome Gearing Up for 2010

Tom at New England VelodromeNew England Velodrome surveyed riders at the end of 2009 and they are working on several changes to their schedule and programs as a result. Weather permitting, the track will open on April 1, 2010. The track program will include open track time, coached sessions and even motor pacing. The racing program will include Omnium and Keirin as well as record attempts for Kilo and Mile. NEV will also hold its own 24 hour record attempt.

If you’re new to track racing, New England Velodrome makes it easy for you to try out the sport. They offer a new rider training class, bike rentals, coaching, and beginner programs. Riding on the track is a lot of fun, even if you’re a “roadie” at heart.

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New England Velodrome Expansions

The most recent update from New England Velodrome is pretty exciting. First, they have just completed building their new Cyclocross course and are gearing up to begin races. Here are the complete details:

“The New England Velodrome and Cycling Park’s Cyclo-cross course was completed this past weekend. There are several new additions to the course this year that we believe will deliver the perfect combination of technical and power sections.

Weekly training races will be held on the same course that will be featured during the 2nd New England Velo-Cross Challenge on Saturday October 17, 2009.

We will be conducting training races and opening the course for practice on Thursday evenings beginning September 3rd.

Cost: $10 per rider
Gate opens: 5 PM
Beginner Class: 5:40 PM
Racing: 6 PM

Please let us know if Tuesday or Wednesday is an evening that you would like to see training races in addition to Thursdays. Also, should we run weekend training races?. Please let us know. Contact us by email at or give us your feedback on our Blog.

Special Thanks to our weekend volunteers who worked so hard on the Cyclo-cross course: Tony and Kelly Fedirko, Victoria Gates, and the Goguen boys Patrick, Manny, Tom and Peter.”

Also announced was the official opening of the new Velocity BMX track. Again, here are the full details from the source:

“The Velocity BMX Track officially opened on Saturday, August 22, 2009. With over 30 riders participating, the opening day was a huge success! The mission of Velocity BMX is to provide a safe, managed, environment for the enjoyment of the sport of BMX racing. Anyone will tell you that this mission was achieved on Saturday and the track has a promising future!

What is BMX? BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross,
BMX Racing provides a safe and challenging sport for kids and adults of all ages and proficiency levels to include all riders, male and female alike. A BMX track benefits the community by keeping youth involved in a positive, healthy environment that promotes family bonding and safe competition.
BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing. The format of BMX was derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races on purpose built, off road, single lap race tracks. The track usually consists of a starting gate for up to eight racers, a groomed serpentine dirt race course with banked corners, various jumps, terrain challenges, and a finish line.

Check out the Velocity BMX Website for pictures and great information. The website is”

These are great developments for New England racing. Not only does NE Velodrome provide great track racing, now there are two additional new and exciting types of bike racing easily accessible to Massachusetts and New Hampshire riders. All of these are sure to be great fun for spectators too… more action than your typical crit or circuit racing for spectators.

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