Find A Safe Route Through Boston

Safe Routes Navigating the streets of Boston and Cambridge safely can be tricky, even for experienced cyclists and commuters. Many tips are shared via riding buddies, cycling clubs and around the water cooler. Now there’s another great “Web 2.0” resource for getting and sharing tips in the Boston area – The Right Ride website at

The site is a nice little mash up with Google Maps that allows contributors to point out hazards and identify safe routes. Maps can be marked up by anyone who is a member (membership is free) and the implementation is very nice. Comments pop up for each hazard or safe route and each entry can be rated by subsequent visitors to the site.

Of course, all the information is unverified advice as the site’s disclaimer points out, so use it at your own risk. Still, the site has a lot of potential to be useful and should certainly be better than just going out to chart your own routes from scratch.

Photo Credit: Hey Paul