2 Easy Steps to Pack Your Bike Securely for a Day Trip

Bike in trunkwheels and bike packedSnug as a bug in a rug! Two simple steps to packing your bike for a day trip or after-work evening ride or indoor cycling class. Here’s my bike in a pretty standard size car trunk. I’m not sure of the exact classification of my car size, but it may even be “compact,” so try this out at home and see if it works for you.

You do need to have an empty trunk, which may be the first challenge. Once it’s clear, though, the rest is pretty easy. Just take off both wheels (if you have any hangups about removing the back wheel, just watch the video on this post about how to change a flat tire to see how easily it comes off and goes back on). Now, place the frame like so in the trunk. You’ll probably need to turn the handlebars sideways as shown. Also, I’ve found it’s a good idea to gently place the rear triangle in first just so I can keep an extra careful eye on the deraileur as I’m placing the bike in the trunk.

Next, take an old towel and place it over the frame to protect from scratches. Then, place the back wheel on the frame, balancing the rim against the frame and handlebars (being careful not to tangle the spokes in any way). Finally, place the other wheel on top, again resting the rim on solid footing, and viola! You’re good to go.

This packing method keeps your bike out of sight and secure while you’re toiling away at the office.