The New England Velodrome Becomes The Northeast Velodrome

Back in March, there were some sudden changes made at the New England Velodrome, which many simply described as a hostile takeover of sorts. The message sent out by Tony Eberhardt was posted in many places and generated a lot of curiosity. Subsequently, Cyclocross Magazine did a two part story which interviewed the parties involved. Here’s Part 1 – the interview with the folks from the Cycle Loft. Here’s Part 2 – the interview with Tony.

So, now the track appears to be up and running under a new name – The Northeast Velodrome.

Photo credit: Incase

Shocking: Hostile Takeover of New England Velodrome

Tony Eberhardt, founder of the New England Velodrome, sent out a shocking message earlier this week that described a hostile takeover of the track, including the recently built cyclocross and BMX courses. Tony describes the turn of events as a complete surprise to him, the sponsors, staff and volunteers. He says that they are collectively committed to finding a new home for the New England Velodrome & Cycling Park and Velocity BMX.

I was not a regular at NE Velodrome, but I did visit it a few times, and found it to be a fun place with a great, supportive and energetic staff. Here are a few of my posts on the park:

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This is a shocking and sad turn of events. Tony and his staff have worked for many years to revive track cycling in New England and all signs pointed to their efforts gaining real traction, with new cycling courses and programs being added year after year.

If the statements in Tony’s email (posted¬†here on the homepage of their website) are accurate, I can’t see that the new operators of the track would do well.¬†The knowledge, passion, support and experience of Tony and his staff will be missing. And, more importantly the cycling community and sponsors shouldn’t take kindly to this sort of shenanigans. I know I won’t be going back to that track.