A Mashup of Mass (and NE) Rides

Show me the wayThe folks over at BikeNewEngland.com have put together a pretty cool mash up of bike route resources for Massachusetts and beyond. A nifty little overview shows you graphically where each route starting point is at. The little bike rider icons are color coded for the various types of routes included – their own (it’s a touring company),  different bike clubs, Map My Ride favoorites (that’s a great site – see earlier post), fundraising rides and state resources.

The interface is a bit clunky in that it’s hard (impossible) to zoom in on areas where there are many routes, but if you dig around there are a ton of resources. Because they are gathered from so many sites, you’ll need to deal with getting info in a variety of formats and popping out to different external web sites, but the authors are to be commended for their efforts. I’ve not come across another site that attempts to gather and categorize so many great resources all in one place.

So, go check it out as part of your ramp up for spring and summer riding. The direct link to the map resource page is http://www.bikenewengland.com/bike_maps.html.

Photo Credit: Bruce Berrien