Spring training in New England


Fortunately my early season pace allows for plenty of reaction time, because the roads are rough out there right now – full of potholes and frost heaves.

Take a look at this doozie I came accross today along a pond in Harold Parker State Forest. It’s a good two bike lengths long. What’s nice is that the line of sight also includes the ice on the pond. Ah, spring training in New England…

2 thoughts on “Spring training in New England

  1. That’s nasty!

    I have a copy of your book here and I’ve just been sitting here reading, freezing and waiting. I’ve only been out twice this year but the cold doesn’t scare me half as much as a rude frost heave.

    • Mental preparation is important too! Hope the book is helpful in planning some outings as the weather improves, which is hopefully soon. And hopefully the road repair crews aren’t far behind…

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