Road Racing 101: An introduction to bike racing

Just got word of this new program by Mass Bay Road Club. I have done the Wompatuck training race in the past. It is a fun course and a good group of riders. Worth checking out if you are interested in racing.

Road Racing 101: An introduction to bike racing
9am Saturday mornings, April 14 – May 5
Wompatuck State Park in Hingham, Massachusetts

For over 25 years weekly training races in Wompatuck State Park have offered South Shore racers a chance to stretch their legs, test their strength, and hone their skills. Wednesday night races have been reserved for Category 4 and 5 riders, a great opportunity for newer racers to jump right in.

This year, sponsors Mass Bay Road Club and the Bicycle Link are going a step further by offering Road Racing 101, a series of Saturday-morning workshops designed to teach new racers the bike handling and racing skills all racers need.

This is your chance to learn and practice drafting and pack riding, cornering and sprinting. Together we will discuss the rules of road racing and look at every step of entering your first race. We will examine individual and team tactics – and put them to the test on the “crit” course in Wompatuck.

If you find yourself pushing the pace on every ride, sprinting for town signs and wondering about lining up for your first race, Road Racing 101 is for you.

Space is limited, so sign up early and get ready to race!

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