Powder Coating, The New Paint

Powder coated frame
Powder coated frame

So, I wanted to revive my old road bike. It’s a classic 1998 steel lugged frame Bianchi Campione D’Italia. A great bike that always rode well, and the bike that I used for my first PMC, many club rides and races. The frame had been hanging in my basement for quite a while while the aluminum-carbon frames took front stage. It seemed a shame and I missed the feel of steel, so I decided to build up the old bike again. However, I wasn’t that excited to put a lot of time and effort into building it up in its current condition – with a bunch of scrapes, scratches, and beat-up decals.

Research, recommendations and financial constraints led me to powder coating. For around a hundred bucks I was able to find a reputable place to sandblast and refinish the frame this way. The powder is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat, creating a hard finish that is supposed to be tougher than paint. I think it came out great. The bike looks great and still rides well. Now I just need to put on those Bianchi decals I bought on ebay!

Celeste green
Original, classic Bianchi Celeste green

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