New Year, New Roads

You’ve probably pledged to yourself that you’ll ride a certain amount of miles, beat a personal time record on a favorite course, or lose some weight in 2007. Add to that pledge: get out and ride some new roads.

Massachusetts abounds with a variety of terrain, rich history and many cycling enthusiasts. Get out and see a new sight, meet a new challenge, or ride with a new group – a good way to rejuvenate your cycling experience, and a nice compliment to the typical riding resolutions.

Climb Mount Greylock because it is there, and because at 3,491 feet above sea level it is the highest point in the state. In fact, head out to just about anywhere in the Berkshires for beautiful scenery and challenging climbs, where “numbered routes” take on a whole new meaning as they weave through farmlands and fields and the buildings are few and far between.

Ride along the seaside. There are many great choices along Massachusetts’ abundant coastline that offer spectacular views of the Atlantic, the Boston skyline and other great sites while you enjoy the refreshing scent of the sea and the challenge of a strong headwind or benefit of a favorable tailwind.

Visit the many quaint towns and historic sites around the state. See some of the over 200 homes in Marblehead that were built prior to the Revolutionary War. Take in a view of the Quabbin Reservoir where 412 billion gallons of drinking water stand in place of four towns discontinued for the creation of this man-made marvel in the early 1900s. Ride through Hopkinton center where the historic Boston Marathon has begun each year since 1927.

Whether you’re looking for a more challenging workout or to seek out a new ice cream stand–or both–introduce a change of venue from time to time in 2007. You’ll be surprised at how invigorating and fun it can be to see something new and maybe even learn a few things along the way, be it something about the state’s rich history or a new tip from another rider whose path you might not otherwise cross.

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