MIT Multi-Sport Expo Fast Splits Indoor Time Trial (and outdoor riding)

Indoor Time TrialA second goal of my winter training came today, the Fast Splits Indoor TT at the MIT Multi-Sports Expo. I like to have goals every 8 weeks or so during the winter. It helps to motivate me to train, to focus my efforts, and to put some effort into those dreary basement workouts on cold, dark winter days.

The Harpoon ITT was my first goal of the winter, and this was my second. But instead of mustering up the motivation to compete (only against myself, really) during a 12-degree January cold spell, today’s challenge was to show up indoors for an event while it’s mid-70s and sunny. I met that challenge by riding to the event. It took just about an hour and was a good warm up, and riding home was a good way to relax after an all-out effort. (And it was great to be riding outside today!)

The race is smaller than the Harpoon event, but it’s surrounded by a fantastic Expo with all sorts of vendors with all kinds of cycling, running, and swimming gear, nutrition, and information. I was happy to have beaten my time in the event last year despite dropping my chain mid-race – the hills of the course (based on Central Park NYC) had me shifting between my big and small rings periodically.

All in all a great day for cycling. Really looking forward to this weather being around more consistently. And that seems more possible now that it’s the first day of Spring.

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