MassBike Wins Bike/Ped Liasions at MassHighway

From Mass Bike:

Is there a dangerous pothole you ride by on a state road? A bicycle detector
at a traffic light that doesn’t work? A rumble strip that’s hazardous to
bicyclists? MassBike has been working with MassHighway to set up a procedure
for reporting and correcting these hazards. MassHighway has just appointed
bicycle/pedestrian liaisons at all their district offices, thanks to the
efforts of Commissioner Luisa Paiewonsky. If there is a situation on a state
road that concerns you, please contact the appropriate liaison for your
district to report it. The liaisons are:

District 1: Thomas Galvagni, (413)-637-5700
District 2: Meryl Mandell, 413-584-1611 ext. 251
District 3: Cordis Thompson, (508) 754-7204
District 4: Jeff Cullen, (781) 641-8300
District 5: Pam Haznar, (508) 824-6633

To determine which district your town or city is in, click here

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