Ice-sailing and bike-riding

Happy Presidents Day. Another bright and sunny day and the road conditions North of Boston continue to improve. Still, it’s best to take out your winter bike as the roads are still messy, but it’s great to get out of the basement.

I’ve posted my first video today in order to give a sense of the road conditions. Most of the footage was shot in Lynnfield, but the bit with the guy ice-sailing was taken in Wakefield on Lake Quannapowitt. 
As you’ll see, there is still a ton of sand on the sides of the road and a combination of solid icy snow and wet, melting snow. Depends where the sun shines, I guess. Also, the potholes are many and also very deep in some cases. I find sticking to the major roads works best, though the cars might disagree. 
To get off the beaten path a little bit yesterday, I took a spin through Harold Parker State Forest in North Andover. No ice-sailing spotted on the large pond up there yesterday, but I did see many ice skaters, a hockey game in progress, and a large campfire going in the middle of the afternoon. Looked like fun.

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