Harpoon Indoor Time Trial

Well, there’s nothing like a little racing action to get one’s juices flowing in the cold of winter. February is a little early, but there was no shortage of riders at the first Harpoon Indoor Time Trial held today in Boston.

There were many heats throughout the day, with most filled to capacity at 16 riders. A very professional production allowed racers and viewers to see all race details as they unfolded. In addition to little graphical racers following each other along the course profile, each rider’s speed, wattage, distance and a variety of other stats were continuously updated on the big screen while a DJ spun loud techno music to spur everyone on.
All race heats ended (and some may have even begun) at the bar where riders were treated to the many Harpoon beers on tap, including the new Celtic Ale. A great winter activity. I’m sure we’ll see more from Harpoon on this front in the future.

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