Fixed Gear Fascination

If you’re interested in fixed gear bikes, there’s a great web site that you must check out: the What began as a simple off-shoot of discussions on an internet forum way back in 1999, has blossomed into perhaps the webs largest repository of fixed gear photos and fanatics. There’s now over 10,000 entries from all over the world, each with a description and little write up from the owner.

The site has attracted so many viewers and contributors, that back in 2005 the site owner began organizing an annual gathering in Northern Michigan. They hold races, a swap meet, and a bunch of other events and contests. It’s what they call the International Fixed Gear Symposium, and they’ve held four of them so far. No plans yet posted for 2010, but judging by the apparent success of past events there will likely be a 2010 Symposium.

The site isn’t the easiest to navigate, but if you’re interested in fixed gear bikes, it’s a great site to explore.

Photo Credit: Petteri Sulonen

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