Finding The Right Balance With Rollers

Balance Riding the rollers can help with winter training doldrums. A little more lively than the trainer, they give you much more of a real road feel. Riding the rollers also requires a bit more concentration which can help to keep you mentally engaged during a workout.

Beyond providing a little mental balance, you can get in some effective cardio workouts on the rollers without straining your legs. You can ride intervals, working up to tempo or threshold zones, and really get a great aerobic workout. But, since there isn’t much resistance on the rollers, your legs won’t be required to generate a lot of watts. That can be really great this time of year when your legs really aren’t ready for a lot of strength training yet.

So, dust off those rollers to achieve a little balance – mental and physical – this winter.

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14 thoughts on “Finding The Right Balance With Rollers

  1. You can now buy several different resistance units to add to your rollers to give you all the resistance you need for interval or any other type of training.
    Riding rollers while watching cycling videos is always fun cause you find yourself leaning into turns following the cycling action on TV and nearly riding off the rollers.

    • That’s interesting…. I knew that there were different size rollers for different resistance levels, but not that there were resistance units to add. Still, I use the rollers to mix things up, get a good cardio workout, and work on smoothing out my pedal stroke. If I’m going to do serious power work, I break out the trainer. It can provide the needed resistance and I don’t have to focus on anything except generating the power.

      I know what you mean about watching videos… I haven’t dumped (yet?) but I do notice the tendency to lean when the race I’m watching goes through sharp corners, particularly if they’re ramping up for a sprint finish.

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