Fells trail plan debate continues

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” — Duke Ellington

On September 20th, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation will unveil it’s latest version of plans for the Middlesex Fells. As can be seen in this recent article, the debate between various users of the urban park has re-heated and all are curious to see what the DCR has in store.

Most people I’ve encountered in the Fells have been pleasant and respectful, whether they are hiking, walking a dog, or riding a bike. Sure, some hikers litter, some unfriendly dogs are unleashed, and some bikers are rude, but that is by far the exception rather than the rule. Hopefully the DCR will come up with a good plan that will increase enjoyment and usage for everyone, and if there are more responsible people in the park, hopefully less incidents like this will occur.

Photo credit: donjd2

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