Club Spotlight: The Monsters

Despite their scary name, the Monsters is quite a friendly group of cycling enthusiasts. I was fortunate to ride with them this weekend, joining in on their Saturday morning ride.

Most of the “A” group riders (called Spinsters here in Monster lingo) were off at the annual
Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb
race in New Hampshire, an event not for the faint of heart or weak of legs. This leads me to suspect the posted average speeds of the Spinsters of 18-20MPH may be a bit of an underestimate. The typical breakout for Monster rides is Spinsters: 18-20 mph, Cranksters: 16-18 mph, Spokesters: 15-16 mph.

With the top group off racing and many others off on a popular vacation week, we were left with a nice small group for an enjoyable tour of some of the best cycling roads in the area. So, rather than break into smaller groups based on speed, which is typical of Monster rides, we stuck together and regrouped along the way at some of the hilltops.

We followed a nice 30-mile out-and-back route to Harvard center, focal point of basically every bike ride that starts within a 30-mile radius (and for good reason – it’s surrounded by great roads, challenging climbs, and has a nice public water fountain on the green). The weather was perfect and the group full of skilled paceline riders. Definitely go for a spin with the Monsters if you are ever looking for an early weekend ride in the Concord area. They’re easy to find, just go to “The Chicken” at 7:30AM.

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