Tour Dallas 2009!

Ok, so technically this ride was not in Massachusetts, but it was a great way for me to see a new city while I was visiting a friend and fellow cyclist in Dallas this past weekend.

First, the weather was great – 60s and sunny. The event was crowded with thousands of cyclists, but that’s ok. It wasn’t a fitness or workout ride, but rather a tourist expedition.

The largest 1-day cycling event in the area, Tour Dallas was started in 2003 by Bikin’ Mike Keel, Director of the Plano Cycling & Fitness Training Center. His vision was to create an event that inspired the inactive to become active and that facilitated more experienced cyclists to share an event with new cyclists. By all accounts this weekend, he has succeeded.

The route meandered through beautiful sections of Dallas before looping around White Rock Lake, a prominent feature of the local landscape, and favorite spot for many cyclist, joggers and walkers. To take the longer 30-mile route meant you looped the lake twice. We went around a third time for good measure and to stretch the legs a little bit before heading back into the city streets.

A grand celebration with a variety of sponsors took place on City Hall Plaza after the ride. The architecture of the plaza was remarkably similar to Boston City Hall – lacking in detail and features, but quite functional for an event like Tour Dallas.

Looks like they’re already gearing up for the 2010 ride. Check out more details at: