ToC Coverage Cut Short!?!?! Found the Fix Online!

Those of you watching the Tour of California coverage on Versus are probably appreciative, as I am, that there is extensive live coverage of this year’s event (thanks I’m sure to Lance Armstrong’s participation).

Well, if you were watching today’s stage, you were probably frustrated that coverage was interrupted for hockey just as the classic will they or won’t they catch the breakaway just before the finish line tension was building to a crescendo
Scrambling to the web for a fix, I was pleasantly surprised to find live coverage available online at It was great to be able to see the finish of the stage. I recognized Frankie Andreu as one of the commentators. Not sure who the other guy was. Certainly nobody compares to the dynamic duo of Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin, but at least I was able to watch the race.
Adobe Flash Player 10 is required, so you may need to run through a quick download and install before you get this working. Work out the kinks now so you can check it out tomorrow night.

After the race, I took some time to explore the “Tour Tracker” site further… and it is simply awesome. I’ve never seen such a great presentation of race data online. The site is well organized and jam packed with stats, live blog updates, stunning still photos of each stage, detailed profiles, maps, and satellite images of the routes, etc. etc. And it’s all laid out in an intuitive and streamlined fashion. Performance was also great. I’ve got to think that this is the future of bike racing coverage. Gone will be the days of getting all your cycling buddies to lobby the local cable companies, town by town, to get a glimpse of only the most popular races. Now, all we need to do is get improved commentators like Phil and Paul online!