MTB or fixie, you have my admiration


Boston is getting slammed by weekly snowstorms this winter. Total snowfall is approaching the height of Shaquile O’Neal – and he’s 7’1″! And, it’s only February 2nd…

Many riders persist in commuting to work, or working, throught it all. I’m impressed. In some ways, it seems to me that these are the folks who have their priorities in order. They’re active outdoors while many of us cower from the storms (and complain).

Hats off to you, Boston area snow riders.

Kane’s Donuts – Saugus

Today my training program called for rest and donuts, so it seemed time to visit an old favorite spot in Saugus, Kane’s Donuts. Kane’s is world famous, as their print materials claim, largely due to their hand made donuts and also ‘world’s largest coffee rolls.’

A Saugus institution for over 50 years, it’s worth a stop by on your next ride to the seashore. Also, if you’re a mountain biker, the donut shop is only a stone’s throw from the Lynn Woods Reservation, home of some fantastic MTB trails.

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