The Massachusetts to Wisconsin Journey of the Type Rider

Here’s something you don’t see every day – a typewriter. And you wouldn’t expect to see it outside and you wouldn’t expect to be invited to use it to contribute to a story.

Strangely, this happened to me – in New York City, with a unique Massachusetts tie-in, and an equally unique tie-in to cycling.

Yes, I met the “Type Rider.”

Maya Stein is embarking on a 40-day, 1,300-mile ride from Amherst, MA to Milwaukee, WI, with a typewriter in tow.

Why? Well, she turns 40 on the day the adventure begins (May 5, 2012). She’s a cyclist and a writer. And someone who like to connect with others to do interesting projects. So, she dreamed up this adventure based on exploring the combination of ideas brought about through transforming the word typewriter to typerider.

I came across her on the “beta test” experiment she conducted recently in New York City – what better place to experiment random interactions with people?

The setup was simple. A typewriter on a table, accompanied by a chair and an invitation to write. Maya provides a writing prompt and each person simply completes the thought. It will all be compiled and edited into a book. And the 40-day adventure will include many different writing prompts. Surely many different people will participate, and many different areas between Massachusetts and Wisconsin will add to the flavor.

Why Wisconsin? It’s the home of the typewriter.

To find out more, or try to catch Maya on one of her rare MA stops, check out her website:

Boston’s Hub On Wheels Event – A Day of Cycling in The City

Last Sunday I rode in my first “Hub On Wheels” ride in Boston. The event has been around since 2005 and is designed to promote cycling and good health, showcase the various neighborhoods of the city, and to raise money for charity. About 6,000 riders participated in this unique event this year.

Storrow Drive

Boston’s busy Storrow Drive is closed to traffic and open only to cyclists on the morning of the event. This presents a unique opportunity to ride on a big, wide road with a bunch of cyclists while taking in a unique view of the city. Riding down Storrow Drive on a bike allows you to take in the Charles River and Boston skyline views in much more detail. The ride goes out to the end and then doubles back on the other side.

Touring the city streets and parks

Once off the cycling “highway” the route (if you’re taking the 30 or 50 mile version) takes you through the city streets of Boston, and through the Arnold Arboretum, Franklin Park, and the Forest Hills Cemetery, before heading out to the coast. The ride comes back along the shoreline and ultimately via the Harborwalk and back into Downtown Boston.

Events on the Plaza

Once back from the ride, there are tons of things going on at City Hall Plaza. Bike stunt shows, beer and food tents, and professional racing. A great way to wrap up the ride.

For more information about the event, check out their website at