Wells Ave racing starts in one week

The Boston Road Club’s Wells Ave training race series has been going on since 1981 (30 years! wow!). It’s a criterium race series that is geared to help new racers get into the sport and seasoned racers sharpen up for the season. And to stay sharp – the series continues every Sunday through the season into September.

Races are broken out into different categories, competing along a 0.8 mile circuit in Newton with wide corners. “D” racers (juniors and women) go first at 8:30AM, followed by “C” racers (novices) at 9:00AM. Each of these races is 12 miles long, or 15 laps.

At 9:45AM and 10:45AM, the “B” and “A” racers compete in 24-mile and 32-mile races, respectively. These races are for more serious and seasoned racers, and you’ll even see local pros in the “A” race from time to time, sharpening up their skills.

Racing is a great workout. You’ll likely never push yourself as hard as when you’re competing – even if you have no chance of winning. And even if you drop off the back, racing can be a great incentive for workouts. After all, you can come back the next Sunday and test yourself again for improvement.

The 2011 season starts on Sunday, March 13th. Check out the full details on the Boston Road Club website page on Wells Ave Racing.

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Learn to race, even if you’ll never race

The Northeast Bicycle Club (NEBC),  a developmental club with a variety of programs and events for riders of all ages and capabilities, is putting on their annual bike racing clinic.

It’s a great program that features two off-bike discussion sessions in March, and four on-bike clinics out at Fort Devens on Saturdays in April.

The “graduation” exercise is participation in an actual bike race, on a short and safe course in Newton, the Wells Ave racing series run by Boston Road Club.

Even if you’ll never race

Even if you have no intention of racing, this clinic is a fantastic way to learn to appreciate the sport of bike racing, and to seriously upgrade your skills for safe and fun riding in groups or with clubs.

Check out what is covered:

  • Bike handling: Cornering; pacelines & double pacelines; riding in close groups; incidental contact.
  • Racing skills: Sprinting; time trialing; climbing and descending; starting and finishing.
  • Tactics and strategies: Road racing as a team sport; applying team strategies and tactics in race situations; using the race course and your strengths to your advantage.
  • Training and equipment: Periodization and specificity; training effort zones; racing bicycles & equipment; maintaining and performance tuning your equipment; proper bike fit.

The instructors are great – patient, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the sport and educating riders. The price is cheap, too.

Find all the details on BikeReg here: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=12615

And hurry! Registration closes on March 18th, but this class tends to fill up quickly.

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Boston Mayor’s Cup Race

Exciting times for cycling in Boston… A great race this past Saturday around City Hall Plaza. It was very exciting to see pro peletons speed around the bend and up the hill by the old State House.

Many vendors were present with food and giveaways, and there was plenty of opportunity to see the racing action. With the entire course inside barriers and the event well staffed by marshalls and police, it was easy to get around and safe for riders and spectators alike.

The mascot race was great fun for the kids. Wally, Pat Patriot and others sped down the final stretch in an exciting show of spirit for cycling and Boston.

Would love to see more racing in Boston!

BMX Racing!

Went to check out the local BMX track in Wakefield, MA today. Never realized this was here until I stumbled upon it in some recent reading about BMX racing in New England.

The field was full of kids and the action was fast. The three turn track offered lots of challenges, and races started every couple of minutes. There were usually two or three racers in each of the fields, which seemed to be organized by age. There were kids of all ages there. The youngest rider, I heard the announcer say, was 4 years old!

I shot some video of one of the heats and snapped a couple of photos. Check it out, and check out their web site for more details: Wakefield BMX.