Biking the Boston Marathon

A world class event, the Boston Marathon attracts a lot of attention every year. Athletes of all levels train, prepare, and participate in the event. It’s inspirational. It’s classic. And it’s also for cyclists.

Sort of.

There are a few ways to ride the famous route in celebration of the event and the spring weather that it brings (or aspires to, anyway). Check ’em out.

The Midnight Marathon

Begun modestly four years ago, this event has caught on. It’s maybe more for enthusiasts of the nonconformist than serious cyclists. But it still looks like a fun and interesting way to experience the Boston Marathon route by bike.

Here’s the Midnight Marathon event page, and a recent article by the Boston Globe about the event.

More Serious Route Riding

More serious cyclists may want to consider Hal Gabriel’s ride, a fast-paced round trip ride of the route – from Boston to Hopkinton back to Boston. Fifty-two miles, starting at 6AM sharp (the course must be clear by 10AM for the wheelchair race). Here’s a good blog post about the event from a couple years ago and a post about this year’s event.

The good folks at MassBike are organizing a very similar event.

Riding the Route

Of course, there are other ways to ride the route and like more organized groups doing something to celebrate the event and the rare closed roads in Boston. Even if you don’t ride the route, it’s time to start thinking about Spring and getting out on the bike somewhere in Massachusetts.

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