Another great PMC weekend

We had a fun and exciting weekend. It was rewarding in many ways. The best news of the weekend came Friday night when we learned that our pedal partner, Maddie Savoie, was recently declared cancer free! Here is a picture of her being interviewed on NECN Friday evening with Team MFS in the background.

There was also a moving opening ceremony on Friday night, I hope you were able to catch it on NECN.

Saturday greeted us with heat and humidity. This made for tough riding and underscored the “challenge” part of Pan Mass Challenge, but we were glad to push through for the cause. Friends and family came out to greet us along the way and the PMC’s many volunteers made sure we had plenty to eat and drink. Still, we were happy to arrive at Mass Maritime Academy in Bourne Saturday afternoon. It was a relief to have that first long day behind us, and it was nice to see our Aunt Joan there, working as a PMC volunteer this year. Way to go, Joan!

On Sunday we got an early start and the weather was much cooler and drier. However, shortly after we crossed the Bourne Bridge, we had a bike problem. Of all things a bottom bracket failed (came loose and couldn’t be tightened) on my brother-in-law’s bike. Without a spare FSA bottom bracket to be found and the potential frame damaging to be done by continuing to ride that bike, it looked like Tim’s ride was going to come to an abrupt end. Fortunately the PMC mechanics were able to find him a loaner bike on which to complete the ride. Many kudos to the bike shops who dedicate so many resources to this ride. I know International Bike and the Cycle Loft were there because those were the particular guys we were talking to, but I’m sure there were many other shops providing mechanical support.

The ride up Cape Cod was again difficult but also very rewarding. After a second long day in the saddle we were able to enjoy the ferry ride back to Boston on a bright sunny day. The PMC party ferry is a great ride, with a live band and cash bar. Also, the Boston Fire Department fireboat comes out to greet the riders when we get to Boston Harbor. An awesome site… check out this photo.

Well, it’s good to be back home again, and hopefully one step closer to finding a cure for cancer.

One additional item that was new this year was my new Garmin GPS enabled bike computer. Check out the cool maps of the PMC route. While these are pretty high-level, it gives a good sense of the bike ride… and the ferry ride too! I kept the computer in my pocket and rode on the ferry’s top deck the whole way back. Interesting that P-town to Boston is only 48 miles “as the crow flies.” And, in case you’re wondering the average speed of the ferry was 16.5 miles per hour.

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