A nice day for a ride

It was about 48 degrees, foggy, damp and misty in Boston on this mid-November Monday. Not your typical “nice day” for a ride. Actually, a month or so ago this weather report would be downright discouraging and probably tilt the scale in favor of abandoning the idea of riding altogether. But today I re-learned, as I do each year, that it’s all a matter of perspective.

After a few rough starts this fall, I’d finally gotten in tune with selecting just the right combination of clothing for a comfortable ride in the varying conditions of the new season. There’s always an adjustment from the steady shorts and jersey summer attire to the science of selection that is necessary during the other three seasons. Now in tune, I hit the road.

I didn’t ride particularly far or particularly hard, but I rode steadily and with remarkable enjoyment. Once on the road, I no longer worried about the possibility of more rain showers. In fact, the rain would have been a welcome opportunity to further meld in with the landscape.

I no longer concerned myself about having to clean my bike after a wet ride or the fact that I’d left the house with my good wheels and not the ones I usually use in inclement weather. I didn’t worry about my heart rate, speed or cadence. I didn’t even worry about a particular route, distance or the constant quest to ride in a loop without riding the same road twice in an outing. Sometimes its fun just to go for a ride, and in a couple of months I’ll definitely be harkening back today, remembering what a nice day it was for a ride.

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