A new kind of bike

I recently had the chance to try a new kind of bike from Travelon, a new company (disclosure: this is my friend’s dad’s company) that is aiming at utilitarian riders who want something simple and low-maintenance for riding around town, riding with the kids, and taking scenic expeditions.

As you can see, it’s styled like a comfort bike. And it is comfortable. The geometry allows for setting a good seat height for pedaling, yet allowing both feet to touch the ground comfortably while seated and stopped.

But the key is the drivetrain. First – there’s no deraileur! This means less breakdowns and less maintenance. No greasy chain handling or confusing adjustments to cable tension. Which is nice for those who just want to ride.

All the magic happens inside the “Continuously Variable Planetary Hub.” If you’re interested in that technology, head over to their website and a neat little video shows you how it works – Travelon NuVinci hub technology.

Second – there are no gears! You can adjust the torque just like a traditional bike, but because of this fancy new hub technology the gears are not incremental. Rather, you increase and decrease torque along an analog continuum. This means that you simply turn the tension up or down to just the right setting for the terrain you’re covering. And you can make these adjustments while stopped – you don’t need to be pedaling to change “gears.”

Check out this snapshot of the indicator and it’ll give you a clearer picture:

I love the clear, simple, and intuitive design of the indicator.

And I always like to learn about the latest cycling technology. For more info, check out their website: Travelon Bikes.

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  1. I have a singlespeed bike I converted to 3 speed using the SRAM I3 bike hub set. It’s like the hub in this Travelon bike, and like the old Sturmey Archer hubs. Only my I3 really clicks loudly when engaged, and is quiet while not pedaling. The indicator idea is a good one for people that don’t understand gears. I like the way this bike is designed, not having any bike derailleurs to worry about breaking down or having to clean, and that it’s a comfort bike will appeal to a large biking audience. Cool. Good luck to your friend’s Dad in getting them out there!

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