5 Reasons Why The Skull Cap Rules

Dressing properly for cycling can make the difference between a fun ride and a truly miserable experience. Riding in various conditions over time compels many cyclists to build an extensive wardrobe of cycling clothing, enabling a high degree of fine tuning in order to meet the exact weather and riding conditions of the day.

A successful clothing strategy for any particular ride (particularly longer ones) must also be flexible enough to meet changing conditions. It may be cool in the morning at a ride’s outset, but hot and steamy by mid day. A bright and sunny afternoon departure may turn into a cold and rainy return.

The cycling industry has been very responsive to these specific needs, yeilding a plethora of highly specialized gear. However, one item stands above them all in many ways – the flexible, fun, and functional skull cap. Here are five reasons why this little item is great:

1. It’s stylish. No two ways about it, the skull cap is good looking. Even prior to Micheal Phelps brining the look mainstream in the 2008 Olympics, the skull cap has always had a certain elegance and flair. The look says bold, athletic, and streamlined.

2. It’s functional. The skull cap has a job and it does it well. It protects your head from wind and rain, and it traps body heat precisely where it is most aggressively trying to escape. Simple and effective. What’s better than that?

3. It’s flexible. Wear it on your crown, lower on the forehead, pull it down over the ears, or fold it any way you like and get just the amount of wind protection and heat capture you need.

4. It’s cheap. Of all the peices of clothing, doo-dads and gadgets one puchases as a cyclist, the skull cap is a refreshingly inexpensive purchase. Great value for the money.

5. It’s got a cool name. Some items need to go out of their way to crowbar in words like “skull” into their names. The skull cap has name is both hip and informative, with no crowbar needed.

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