3 Ways You Can Help The Middlesex Fells

1. Get up to speed on the latest buzz on the Middlesex Fells.

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has set out to develop a Trail System Plan, aiming to present it to the public in April and put it into effect this summer. In developing the plan, the DCR has been soliciting comments in meetings and via email. This has re-ignited ongoing heated discussions between many trail users, but particularly the Friends of the Fells and the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA).

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2. Think about how you use the Fells and your vision of its future.

How do you use it now? What have your experiences been like? How would you like this resource to be enjoyed by the community in the years to come?

3. Speak up.

Write to the DCR and let them know what you think. Heck, it’s as easy as sending in an email.

I’m going to write in and support the NEMBA agenda. Though I’m not a big mountain biker, I’ve been very impressed with the group. They clearly respect the Fells and do a lot to support the Fells user community.

For example, NEMBA runs some great programs like “No Child Left Inside” and “Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day.” Through these programs, they’ve taught the children and families in attendance not only about mountain biking, but about proper trail use and preservation. They even came out to a local Cub Scout meeting and taught 100 scouts and their families about trail maintenance. Perhaps most importantly, these programs motivated a lot of folks I know to get out and enjoy the Fells.

I’d like to see mountain bike use expanded in the Fells in the way NEMBA advocates. It’s a responsible and appropriate approach.

Find more details about NEMBA’s take on the issue and call to action here.

Photo Credit: Orangeacid

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