Ok, YouTubers How About A Good MTB Movie?

The New England Mountain Bike Association is launching a mountain bike film festival in 2010. The announcement just came out in order to allow spring, summer, and fall for filming and editing. Submissions are due on November 1st. The event will be held on December 4th.

The film festival seeks to “feature a wide array of video short features from regional filmmakers that capture the spirit, excitement and pleasure of mountain biking in New England.” Submissions are limited to 5 minutes, and will be judged in several categories: Best Production, Best Action, Best Plot, Best Film Featuring Scenic XC Riding, and People’s Choice Award.

The event will debut in the Boston area and then roam throughout New England, evolving a bit as it travels. Check out full details on the NEMBA web site.

With all the creative talent in the Boston area, some compelling videos should emerge. Of course, this whole topic reminds me of my favorite biking video –

Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill April 2009

Photo Credit: ssh

File Under Novelty: The Picnic Table Bike

Picnics and cycling do go well together, but this contraption has got to be a cycling first. The video features a couple of guys inspired by a picnic table left in their neighborhood with a “free” sign on it. That inspiration and a little free time is all it took.

And though they mention frequent mechanical problems, the thing actually looks pretty well built. It’s able to allow two riders to pedal and looks like it is steered from both the front and back for pretty controlled handling. They take it for a good ride around town during the video, so you can see it in action. The video is pretty well produced too. It looks like it may have been put together for a local news segment. So, take a break from the Danny MacAskill videos and get some inspiration (or at least a few laughs) from this little YouTube gem.